Why I think abortion should be legal

Let’s start with a provocative title. I know this may raise some eyebrows, but I’m in a mood for that, so that’s ok. And I think there needs to be another perspective. Don’t base opinions on ignorance.

On moral grounds, I 100% believe that abortion is murder, and is absolutely wrong. I believe it is taking a human life.

But I want to keep it legal.

Why? Because one out of eight pregnancy related deaths worldwide is from an unsafe abortion. It’s a lucrative business, and Doctors get greedy and sloppy. And it’s a very invasive procedure to begin with. In countries where abortion is illegal, it still happens. It happens more often, in fact. It just happens under the radar. Without government regulations, or any protection against medical malpractice. There’s already an issue of women being hurt; doctors send them in and out sometimes without regard to their health and well-being. I’d rather it remain legal so at the very least it is regulated.

You can’t fix morals by passing a law. Making abortion illegal isn’t going to keep people from getting one. You know what will?


Be the church. There aren’t enough parents for the babies that need adopted. Quit screaming about the ones dying and take care of the living ones. Love the women who don’t know what to do or where to go. Build relationships with someone outside of your little Christian bubble.

Only Christ’s changing power is going to change people’s morals, whether it’s about extra-marital sex, or about abortions. Be God’s love and mercy. He’ll be the justice. If we try and be the justice of God, we’ll fail miserably. If we can let His love shine through us, maybe, just maybe, things will begin to change.

This doesn’t mean saying that darkness is light, or that abortion is ok. But it does mean realizing that dark doesn’t go away if you make it illegal. It goes away when you shine light in.


On a practical level, if you want less babies to die, help make birth control more available. It’s ridiculously hard to get if you don’t have medical insurance!


Marriage isn’t to make you happy. It’s to make you holy.


Thank you for the blessing of a Godly husband. Let me never take that for granted. Thank you for the gentleness with which he leads, and the wisdom that he has. You made him like a gardener, a cultivator, and I am so grateful. Sometimes we both grow by, as a dear friend of mine said “knocking the rough edges off of eachother.” But more often, I see him grow by how he seeks You in everything, and how you change him, and change me. And I see his prayers, and words, and actions start to bring things out in me that not only push me closer to you, but make me more a woman than I ever was before. Thank you for my marriage, and the beautiful thing that it is. Please keep us sensitive to you, and to eachother, and don’t let walls build up.

An Update

Well, it’s been a while. Sorry about that!
I’ve been busy being married and stuff. It’s pretty fantastic. And we got a puppy, which is time consuming, but so fun. She’s currently curled up on my shoulder, sleeping.

I still very much dislike SAGU, and I dislike Waxahachie even more. There are no hippies, none of my kind of nerds, no green chile, and no dancing. Matter of fact, no one even knows what green chile is. “What kind of green chile? Jalapenos are green…Poblano peppers are green…”

It’s been hard. I’m having a really hard time finding people like I normally click with, and I haven’t heard my best friend’s voice in months, which breaks my heart. But I realized yesterday, it’s been really good for me. I hate it, but it has been good. So much of my comfort zone is missing here. Even green chile. But I’m growing so much. Not being able to connect with people in the ways or contexts I’m used to is making me be a lot more intentional about building friendships. In a way, I’ve been pretty self-centered in wanting people to be like me before I want to be friends. And if I had the same close friendships right now that I have had for years, would I be as likely to reach out? Probably not. I’d probably stay where it’s comfortable. So even that is good, in a painful way.
Don’t get me wrong, I would dearly love to connect with some nerdy-hippie-dancer people here. But I can clearly see the benefit, and that’s helping me to be a little more content living in Waxahachie.
It’s a slow and uncomfortable process. But one I’m intensely grateful for.

You know what else I’m grateful for? My husband. I have never, in any human being, seen the amount of compassion, patience, perseverance, and humility in a single person as I do in him. He is so thoughtful, and so gentle. I married a good man.

What else…I’m a part of the Women’s Ministry Team at my church. So far I haven’t actually gotten to do much with that, but the idea is sort of a one on one disciplining type of thing. I’m excited for that to get going. And I’m going to start volunteering at a pregnancy care center. I’m really excited for that!

All in all, life is pretty grand.