An Update

Well, it’s been a while. Sorry about that!
I’ve been busy being married and stuff. It’s pretty fantastic. And we got a puppy, which is time consuming, but so fun. She’s currently curled up on my shoulder, sleeping.

I still very much dislike SAGU, and I dislike Waxahachie even more. There are no hippies, none of my kind of nerds, no green chile, and no dancing. Matter of fact, no one even knows what green chile is. “What kind of green chile? Jalapenos are green…Poblano peppers are green…”

It’s been hard. I’m having a really hard time finding people like I normally click with, and I haven’t heard my best friend’s voice in months, which breaks my heart. But I realized yesterday, it’s been really good for me. I hate it, but it has been good. So much of my comfort zone is missing here. Even green chile. But I’m growing so much. Not being able to connect with people in the ways or contexts I’m used to is making me be a lot more intentional about building friendships. In a way, I’ve been pretty self-centered in wanting people to be like me before I want to be friends. And if I had the same close friendships right now that I have had for years, would I be as likely to reach out? Probably not. I’d probably stay where it’s comfortable. So even that is good, in a painful way.
Don’t get me wrong, I would dearly love to connect with some nerdy-hippie-dancer people here. But I can clearly see the benefit, and that’s helping me to be a little more content living in Waxahachie.
It’s a slow and uncomfortable process. But one I’m intensely grateful for.

You know what else I’m grateful for? My husband. I have never, in any human being, seen the amount of compassion, patience, perseverance, and humility in a single person as I do in him. He is so thoughtful, and so gentle. I married a good man.

What else…I’m a part of the Women’s Ministry Team at my church. So far I haven’t actually gotten to do much with that, but the idea is sort of a one on one disciplining type of thing. I’m excited for that to get going. And I’m going to start volunteering at a pregnancy care center. I’m really excited for that!

All in all, life is pretty grand.


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