Marriage isn’t to make you happy. It’s to make you holy.


Thank you for the blessing of a Godly husband. Let me never take that for granted. Thank you for the gentleness with which he leads, and the wisdom that he has. You made him like a gardener, a cultivator, and I am so grateful. Sometimes we both grow by, as a dear friend of mine said “knocking the rough edges off of eachother.” But more often, I see him grow by how he seeks You in everything, and how you change him, and change me. And I see his prayers, and words, and actions start to bring things out in me that not only push me closer to you, but make me more a woman than I ever was before. Thank you for my marriage, and the beautiful thing that it is. Please keep us sensitive to you, and to eachother, and don’t let walls build up.


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