Why I think abortion should be legal

Let’s start with a provocative title. I know this may raise some eyebrows, but I’m in a mood for that, so that’s ok. And I think there needs to be another perspective. Don’t base opinions on ignorance.

On moral grounds, I 100% believe that abortion is murder, and is absolutely wrong. I believe it is taking a human life.

But I want to keep it legal.

Why? Because one out of eight pregnancy related deaths worldwide is from an unsafe abortion. It’s a lucrative business, and Doctors get greedy and sloppy. And it’s a very invasive procedure to begin with. In countries where abortion is illegal, it still happens. It happens more often, in fact. It just happens under the radar. Without government regulations, or any protection against medical malpractice. There’s already an issue of women being hurt; doctors send them in and out sometimes without regard to their health and well-being. I’d rather it remain legal so at the very least it is regulated.

You can’t fix morals by passing a law. Making abortion illegal isn’t going to keep people from getting one. You know what will?


Be the church. There aren’t enough parents for the babies that need adopted. Quit screaming about the ones dying and take care of the living ones. Love the women who don’t know what to do or where to go. Build relationships with someone outside of your little Christian bubble.

Only Christ’s changing power is going to change people’s morals, whether it’s about extra-marital sex, or about abortions. Be God’s love and mercy. He’ll be the justice. If we try and be the justice of God, we’ll fail miserably. If we can let His love shine through us, maybe, just maybe, things will begin to change.

This doesn’t mean saying that darkness is light, or that abortion is ok. But it does mean realizing that dark doesn’t go away if you make it illegal. It goes away when you shine light in.


On a practical level, if you want less babies to die, help make birth control more available. It’s ridiculously hard to get if you don’t have medical insurance!


11 thoughts on “Why I think abortion should be legal

  1. “Quit screaming about the ones dying and take care of the living ones.” That is a precarious proposition to make without giving adequate support for your statement. Unfortunately, this statement was quintessential of the reasoning behind many of your points. I don’t mean to be abrasive, but your post presented itself as rather shallow with regards to the law and morality debate.

    • I appreciate your contribution.
      Far from being shallow, I prefer the term concise. Unlike your esteemed self, I don’t feel the need to use big words to compensate for a quintessential lack of substance.

      (For those reading this, I am not this much of a jerk, and neither is Mr George J. Some people think it’s fun to troll, and I can play along!)

  2. My comment, unlike your questionable response, had veritable substance. It merely presented the shortcomings in your argument Prima Facie.

  3. ….Is it the grave issue that you are apparently a gay man from the 80s?
    If so, you’ll be happy to know that my next blog post will be on why I support the legalization of gay marriage!

  4. While I do believe that we should love those women getting an abortion, I do disagree with “quit screaming about the ones dying and take care of the living ones.” Yes, there are so many children in this world who are in desperate need of love and a good home. But I cannot overlook those innocent little ones who are not even being given the right to live. Innocent blood is being shed, and how long do us Christians stand for it? Personally, I’m not sure on this subject, but I know that God did not call us to be complacent in the area of abortion. Now I’m not saying we need to shove it and legalize it, because I don’t know. But I also want those babies aborted to have a chance at life too. I lived in a town that had an abortion clinic in it, and I’ve seen effects of it. I do think that the Church sometimes goes about this issue the wrong way, and I agree that we need to love those women. We also need to be a voice for those who don’t have one.

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