I woke up discouraged today. My husband has had to work a lot. This semester hasn’t been the greatest academically. I’ve had a lot of health issues, and I’m really tired. All but two of my Mary Kay bookings in the past two weeks have canceled, and everyone is about to leave with the semester ending. I need new customers! A job I thought I was supposed to start Monday, I never heard back from, even though I called her. And to top it off, we went to make Frito pie this afternoon, and the cheese was bad!

So I went for a walk to the mailbox, and prayed, because I was lonely, and tired, and discouraged. And when I got back, I found i had the tiniest burst of renewed energy, just enough to get back up and do one thing.

Called that theoretical employer, it turns out she broke her toe. I still have the second job.

My God knows how much I can handle, and just how to encourage me. And how to keep me running back to Him.


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