The Soapbox

I’ve said this on Facebook, but I’ll say it here too.

I have a bone to pick. It’s called people not feeling safe to say what is on their mind and heart. Some of the strongest people i know feel crushed under the judgement and condemnation they face just for having their own opinions. I’m tired of it, and I know they are.

I’ve given up being hurt by people who don’t agree, and don’t know how to disagree nicely. My security is in Christ. So here’s the deal. Write whatever you want to write, and send it to me at Tell me what penname you want to use, and I’ll publish your post anonymously. I don’t care what it’s on, or if I agree. I DO care, though, what attitude you write it with. This is not going to be a place for anger, bitterness, or tearing down. But if you have something people should think about, I want people to hear it.

My blog has a substantial, and growing list of followers. This allows me to give them more to read. And let’s you know that your voice will be heard.

So start writing!

And those of you who read, I challenge you to leave the conviction to the Holy Spirit, and the condemnation to the devil. Read in love.


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