Ever heard of a Cara box?


Neither had I! It’s an organized penpal/gift exchange program by Wifessionals. Click the button above to head over there and check it out!

Basically, the way it works is that every month that you want to participate, you are paired with two other girls to get to know, mostly other bloggers. Each month, there will be a theme, last month was nautical. And you’ll send one of the other ladies a box of goodies and a note of encouragement. The other girl you’re paired with will send one to you! And someone else will be sending her one, and so on.

I think it’s an awesome idea, and I can’t wait for August’s!

You should join the fun!


This morning I started to read a book called “The Jesus I Never Knew” by Philip Yancey.

I’d like to post some of my favorite quotes from the first chapter. Commentary may come later, for now I’m still processing. I’d love your thoughts!

“You can gauge the size of a ship that has passed out of sight by the huge wake it leaves behind.”


The vision of Christ that thou dost see

Is my vision’s greatest enemy:

Thine has a great hook nose like thine,

Mine has a snub nose like to mine….

Both read the Bible day and night,

But thou read’st black where I read white.”

~William Blake


J.B. Phillips wrote, after translating and paraphrasing the Gosels, “I have read, in Greek an Latin, scores of myths, but I did not find the slightest flavour of myth here…no man could have set down such artless and vulnerable accounts as these unless some real Event lay behind them.”


“Jesus, I found, bore little resemblance to the Mister Rogers character I had met in Sunday School, and was remarkably unlike the person I had studied in Bible college. For one thing, he was far less tame. In my prior image, I realized, Jesus’ personality had matched that of a Star Trek Vulcan: he remained calm, cool, and collected as he strode like a robot among excitable human beings on planet Earth. That is not what I found portrayed in the Gospels and in the better films. Other people effected Jesus deeply: obstinacy frustrated him, self-righteousness infuriated him, simple faith thrilled him. Indeed, he seemed more emotional and spontaneous than the average person, not less. More passionate, not less.”


“If Jesus had never lived, we would not have been able to invent him.”






I Love You Anyway.

The beauty of marriage isn’t discovered in the elated cries or romantic whispers of “I love you.”

“Happily married” isn’t a culmination of the “I love you-s” either.

The mystery and joy of marriage is found when one can say to another “I love you anyway.

When you’re a royal pain, and I don’t want another minute….I love you anyway.

When you do something hurtful….I love you anyway.

When you don’t meet my needs, and I don’t meet yours….I love you anyway.

When I am unkind, and say things that make your heart hurt, and you can still say….”I love you anyway.”

When I nag you and drive you crazy and at the end of the day you can still reassure me….”I love you anyway.”

When I tell you the worst things I’ve done and thoughts and said, and you whisper to me in the dark, “I love you anyway.”


It’s in those messes, in the “I love you anyway” of life, that the beauty of our marriage unfolds, and that we become more like Christ. That is a beautiful mystery.