Ever heard of a Cara box?


Neither had I! It’s an organized penpal/gift exchange program by Wifessionals. Click the button above to head over there and check it out!

Basically, the way it works is that every month that you want to participate, you are paired with two other girls to get to know, mostly other bloggers. Each month, there will be a theme, last month was nautical. And you’ll send one of the other ladies a box of goodies and a note of encouragement. The other girl you’re paired with will send one to you! And someone else will be sending her one, and so on.

I think it’s an awesome idea, and I can’t wait for August’s!

You should join the fun!


6 thoughts on “Ever heard of a Cara box?

  1. I saw this once begore and considered it. Do you send 2 boxes valued at $20 each? The way I read the info about it is you are linked up with 2 women and you send them both a box? I could afford $20 a month but not $40…. =o/

    • You are linked up with two women, but one sends you a box and you send the other one a box. It’s like a chain, that way everyone gets a box! The suggested value is $15. It’ll only be once every 3 months beginning in September, which makes it more affordable also! Does that make sense?

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