My Cara Box!

This was my first time participating in Cara Box and I had SO much fun. I was paired with Erika at Reviews Until You Drop, and Rebekah at Creatively Beloved. You can see the box I sent to Rebekah here. The theme this month was stages of life, so both girls are college aged. Our assignment was to send a box based upon what we learned about the other, of things they would love. I loved the flexibility of this theme! Here is the box Erika sent to me. I loved how unexpected the things in it were! It was so fun!


Erika sent me some maple chocolate from Canada (SO good!), a super pretty little dish that is perfect for holding bobby pins that are normally everywhere, a pretty nailpolish in a little chevron bag, hair chalks, and a shower gel from bath and body that isn’t in the picture because I couldn’t wait to use it and it was in the shower! It smells SO great. Erika, I so appreciate your thoughtfulness with the box! You’re a sweetheart!

Aside from the box, I loved getting to know both ladies. Cara box is pretty amazing. You should sign up!



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