How do You Know … if You’re in a Relationship?


handheld-relationship_2349450Seriously? Really? How is it possible not to know?

I know this is what most of you are thinking, but you may be surprised. Surprised by how many couples go through a confusing, un-defined stage in which their ‘relationship’ somewhat resembles a sailboat being skippered by a hare and a tortoise.

There is one saving grace in all this: Facebook. We all know ‘it’s not official until it’s on Facebook,’ but sadly some couples didn’t even know it was official until their other half put it on Facebook.

Do you really want this stale, blinking social media site (that we all simultaneously love and loathe) dictating the course of your relationships?

Of course not!

There is one simple answer to this problem. Call me old-fashioned, but it really works in clearing up muddy relational waters. Guys, you have to ask her.

Like, properly ask her. Not down on one knee…

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3 thoughts on “How do You Know … if You’re in a Relationship?

  1. Hilarious, but, Oh, so true. It has a lot to do with our throw-away, cart-before-the-horse society in which couples seem not to bother communicating (that is different from”talking), until AFTER the sheets are mussed. …

    • I think also men have been trained and conditioned (in general, not always) to NOT communicate or intitiate. And they’re being allowed by women (again, in general) to get away with it.

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