About Mrs. Bohaty

Hello lovely readers! A bit about me….with pictures!

My name is Darian. I am married to a wonderful man named William. We’ve been married since January 5, 2013. Here’s a couple of pictures:





We have two puppies. Wiggles is a lab/bloodhound mix, and is calm and sweet as can be.


Chloe is a mini dachshund and is a complete mess! She’s so very hyper, but we love her to death.

BDBmS8WCQAEtUrY.jpg large

I’m also a student at New Mexico State University, studying Family and Consumer Science Ed. With that, I hope to work with the county extension office. This may look like working with 4H, or teaching community classes like food preservation, nutrition, and sewing. We’ll see what God has in store!

Currently, I am certified as an Advanced Color Consultant with Mary Kay. I absolutely love it! I’ve always loved studying the right colors and styles for people. I love owning my own business, and making more money than I would at the normal college student job! I also love working with a company that is so Christ-centered. I could talk about it forever, but I’ll spare you. You can always ask me about it!

My blog is, I suppose, best categorized as a lifestyle blog. It’s really just a mishmash of my life, heart, and dreams. You’ll find some recipes, Bible commentaries, beauty tips, thoughts on marriage, thoughts on life….really a little of everything. I hope you enjoy it!



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