Summer to Fall Fashion Tips

Hey cats and kittens! Sorry I’ve been so infrequent about posting. Between school and black widow bites, life is a little bit loca lately. Bear with me. It’ll get better eventually.

Today, for your reading pleasure, I have something I’ve been thinking about lately. How do you take summer clothing and make it appropriate for fall? I like in New Mexico, and the temperatures are just barely starting to change, but I still want it to seem like fall! Here are my best tips:

  • Boots

Nothing screams fall like a pair of cute leather boots. Wear your summer sundress, but add boots to give it a fall feel.

  • Belts

Summer clothing tends to be light or bright colors, and light fabrics. And that’s great. But as fall rolls around, our wardrobes should start to get a little bit darker. To me, fall is all about contrast. Think about bright leaves next to the dark brown of a tree trunk. So to carry summer clothing into fall, create that contrast. I like to do that with a dark brown or black belt, over, say, a sundress. Pick one to match your boots! ūüėČ

  • Sweaters

Fall weather is known for being unpredictable, at least here! If you wear something warm enough when you get up in the morning, it can be too hot by the afternoon. My solution is cardigans. This also adds warmth so that your summer pieces can be carried all the way to winter. You don’t have to have a completely different wardrobe for different seasons!

  • Scarves

Scarves are as indicative of autumn as a pumpkin spice latte. But what do you do if you live in a warmer climate like New Mexico? Well, use a lighter scarf. A silk or chiffon scarf can still look like fall, but not overheat you!

These are some of my favorite fall fashion tips…what are yours? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


My Cara Box!

This was my first time participating in Cara Box and I had SO much fun. I was paired with Erika at Reviews Until You Drop, and Rebekah at Creatively Beloved. You can see the box I sent to Rebekah here. The theme this month was stages of life, so both girls are college aged. Our assignment was to send a box based upon what we learned about the other, of things they would love. I loved the flexibility of this theme! Here is the box Erika sent to me. I loved how unexpected the things in it were! It was so fun!


Erika sent me some maple chocolate from Canada (SO good!), a super pretty little dish that is perfect for holding bobby pins that are normally everywhere, a pretty nailpolish in a little chevron bag, hair chalks, and a shower gel from bath and body that isn’t in the picture because I couldn’t wait to use it and it was in the shower! It smells SO great. Erika, I so appreciate your thoughtfulness with the box! You’re a sweetheart!

Aside from the box, I loved getting to know both ladies. Cara box is pretty amazing. You should sign up!


No One Cares.

No one cares about your life as much as you do.

I don’t mean that nobody loves you or thinks about you.

But when you think EVERYONE can see the pimple on your chin and the stain on your shirt, and the guilt on your face, just remember that in that thought, you are being self absorbed.

Everyone else has their own bad hair day, or ripped jeans, or tiredness or problems¬† that THEY are focused on. Their world doesn’t revolve around you. They are more worried about their own stuff than about yours.

So get over it!

Music Recommendation Monday! Regina Spektor

Hey readers! I’d like to try another weekly feature! Music Recommendation Monday! Today I’d like to turn your attention to Regina Spektor. She has the voice of an angel! I normally am not a fan of acoustic/vocal stuff, but she’s an exception. I love the violin in a lot of her songs. My current favorites are Folding Chair, and The Call. The latter you may recognize from the end of Prince Caspian.

Regina Spektor also has impeccable style!

Take a listen and tell me what you think!

I Don’t Need You

I’ll be the first to admit, my marriage is far, far from perfect. By far, i mean far.

But we’ve gotten one thing right from the start, my husband and I.

We’ve always said to eachother “I don’t need you.”

Wipe the shock off your face. We still love eachother, help eachother, and depend on eachother. But when something comes up, we take it to God and depend on him before eachother. Anytime we don’t, it ends badly.

I think it’s a good lesson for anyone.

Blog Review: Challenged and Changed!

I’ve decided that I’m going to start featuring, once a week, a blog that I love and think you all will love too! My very first one is going to be Challenged and Changed by a sweet friend of mine named Megan.

Megan is a newlywed, a college student, and one of the most sincere, genuine people you could ever meet. Her posts are honest, well written, and encouraging. I love her perspective on life. Click the picture above and go follow her! She’s also just started receiving free books to review from Book Sneeze, and I look forward to reading them!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my very first blog review. There will be more to come!

An update

Hello readers!

Sorry it has been so long since I’ve posted. Life has been kind of busy! And now, the problem is that I have too many ideas for blog posts, and couldn’t decide where to start!

I think I’ll start with an update on life. My husband and I have moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico. We went to college here at New Mexico State for two years before transferring to a Southwestern Assemblies of God in Waxahachie, TX. It was not a good experience, for many reasons, and so we came back. I’m so excited to be back here! It really feels like home. We’re living in a cute little townhome, and let me tell you, it’s so nice to not be in an apartment! Having a house and a yard is so much nicer, especially with dogs.¬† One of the best things is having my own washer! No dryer, but we do have a clothesline, and as long as it’s warm, clotheslines are nicer anyway. One of the things I’ve been struggling with is finding ways to hang decorations on cinderblock. We only have a few normal walls. I know there are command hooks, but they seem to stick out so much! Do any of you have suggestions?

We’ve decided to take this semester off from working (except for my Mary Kay stuff. I’ll do a post on that later) Thankfully, when you are married and going to school, the government throws money at you! We’d both like to get a lot more involved in ministries this semester, and we’ll have time to do it now. Plus, we haven’t really gotten a good chance to settle into being married. I think it will be really nice. Some of my personal goals are to really grow as far as blogging is concerned, and to focus on building meaningful, intentional relationships with people. I almost feel like it’s New Years and I’m making resolutions! It does feel like something of a new start. New home, new goals. I’m excited.

I’m going to try really hard to make sure I put out at least a blog post a week. I know I’ve tended to blog in spurts, with a lot of posts, and then not so many. Sorry about that! My hope is to get a lot more consistent. Also, if I blog once a week regularly¬† I can start getting free books to read and review, so that’s exciting! I’m also hoping to try and pull this blog together as a lifestyle blog, instead of just a mishmash of who knows what. Part of this will be more reviews, as well as more recipes and craft ideas.

I’ve also changed the format and style of the blog page. What do you think? How does it compare to how my blog looked previously?

Tell me though, what else would you like to see me cover here? What would be interesting to you?